8 Mental Health Benefits to Boxing

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Going to a local boxing class or sparring training session can be very rewarding – physically and mentally. You can increase your levels of good mental health and feel great about yourself through the simple power of boxing. Here are our top 8 mindful benefits that come from boxing.

1. Boxing reduces stress

Any form of physical exercise can help to reduce stress. The rush of energy, the focus on hitting a boxing bag or sparring with someone can help you to let go of your troubles and stress. If boxing makes you happy and you enjoy it, it will reduce your stress and relieve anxiety effectively.

2. Boxing increases positive discipline

It takes focus and discipline to become stronger and progress in the world of boxing. From looking after your diet to practising techniques and building a strategy against opponents is a fantastic way of disciplining yourself and aiming towards a goal.

3. Boxing improves self esteem

The very nature of boxing is about expressing yourself through movement, stance and energy. With each punch, twist, jab and hook you are breaking out of your shell and pushing forward towards your goals. Learning how to box, maintaining your fitness and achieving goals will make you feel great.

4. Boxing makes you feel good

Any type of physical exercise will release endorphins (the “feel-good” neurotransmitters) into your body which contributes to feeling good. You may also sleep better after a hard training session or boxing class!

5. Boxing increases your focus

Boxing is a great way of channelling your thoughts and feelings into one topic. It helps to shut out any negativity, feelings of depression or anxiety. During a boxing fight or class you will need to stay focussed at all times when learning new techniques or practising moves. Boxing can also become a hobby and a passion.

6. Boxing manages anger

To some people, boxing looks like a violent sport that would only increase anger. But the opposite is true – boxing can help to release any built up anger or frustration in a positive, affirming atmosphere. Joining a class or taking a training session can be a good way of releasing any troubling anger.

7. You can make friends

Becoming part of a boxing club or class can introduce you to a new social circle and hopefully make friends. Encouragement and interaction can come in the form of training or sparring, or even just being around people who love their sport.

8. Boxing builds your confidence

Empowerment and self-confidence are one of the best positive gains to be had from boxing. Developing your strength and seeing progress give your self-esteem a massive boost, and helps to increase your confidence in and outside the ring. Completing a heavy punch bag session or boxing class just feels great! Your resilience to life’s challenges can increase as your stamina and focus in the ring/the sport increases.

If you want to increase your mental health levels then consider joining one of our boxing classes or training sessions in Bournemouth. See details below.

Lions of Judah Boxing Academy is a well-equipped boxing gym in Bournemouth. We run boxing classes, men’s & women’s training, kids boxing classes & boxing bootcamps so you can become strong and confident in life and fitness.

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