Intense fitness training classes in Bournemouth.
If you're looking to get fit and healthy, join Lions Of Judah Boxing Academy.
We provide intense fitness training at our boxing club.

Train with the professionals in Bournemouth

To last the entire duration of your boxing bout, you need to have excellent stamina. Lions Of Judah Boxing Academy helps you build your stamina and strength through a series of high intensity workouts to toughen your entire body.
We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can help you condition your muscles and improve your athletic abilities. With our help you can get stronger, faster and better equipped to fight inside the boxing ring.


Get faster reflexes

If you want to develop faster reflexes, join Lions Of Judah Boxing Academy. Our qualified and professional boxing coaches can help you become light on your feet and quick with your fists.
We conduct a series of fighting drills that help you develop better balance, footwork and punching power. Get in touch with our professional coach today.

Boxing techniques

We teach you a variety of boxing techniques to help you become the boxer that you have always wanted to be.
Our training includes the following:
  • Slow sparring
  • Fast sparring
  • Body balance
  • Footwork 

We also offer 1 to 1 training at £25 per hour with one of our professional coaches.

Group sessions are £8 per person per session.

Kids training group sessions at £5 per child, per session.


  • Lions of Judah Boxing Academy:
  • Phone:
    07341 840 187

    01202 303 517

  • E-Mail:

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