Heavy Bags – 120 KG 72 Inches Wide, 5 or 6 Feet Long

Original price was: £699.00.Current price is: £349.00.

Elite lions of judah heavy bags comes in 120 kg 72 inches wide, 5 or 6 feet long. Very durable and is a life long lasting bag. Made of pure think layer of leather. And is Treble layered protected. Double Stitched and pure cowhide leather. Was £699 now in closing down sale £299-349.99 can do in any different logos to and colours.

This high-quality boxing punch bag is made from premium cowhide leather & suede, and has strong chrome chains. The bag is triple stitched for extra durability.

It comes in a variety of different colours (see images – white or black and gold strips) and you can customise it with your own logo, design and brand.